A historic landmark with a strong future

Blossom Heath Inn

With more than 100 years since its establishment, Blossom Heath Inn has developed a unique story. The venue originated as a roadhouse built in 1911 by hotelier and yachtsman Matthew Kramer. During Prohibition, Blossom Heath Inn transformed info an infamous speakeasy with evidence of basement bars and hidden walls still in existence today.

In 1946 the village of St. Clair Shores purchased Blossom Heath, and in the decades since this lakeside venue has hosted an array of business and social engagements. It seems that everyone around town has a Blossom Heath story, from prohibition to modern weddings.

2015 marked the beginning of the next chapter in Blossom Heath’s history. Under the new management of Kosch Dining Solutions, Blossom Heath provides unmatched event planning professionalism and has undergone a meaningful building restoration, expansive technology upgrades, and the development of an all-new menu featuring locally-sourced ingredients.

Location: 24800 Jefferson Ave in St. Clair Shores
Phone: 586.771.0511

Kosch Dining Solutions

Created in 1981 by brothers Gordie and Gary Kosch, Kosch Dining Solutions is known for exceptional culinary services from thriving restaurants to gorgeous event venues. Kosch is committed to enriching the Saint Clair Shores community through its care of Blossom Heath, and to growing the venue’s reputation regionally and beyond.

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